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However, the behind-your-neck set is well overdue for an update since it debuted in early The limited feature set is due to the fact that Beats Flex packs in the older W1 chip from Apple rather than the newer H1 tech that powers tools like hands-free Siri. The company gives Android users access to features like quick pairing and battery status through the Beats app.

Thanks to relocated on-board controls that now sit close to your collarbone, you can summon Siri or another voice assistant with the touch of a button. There are also controls for volume, music and calls.

Beats says the built-in microphone is designed to cut down on wind noise, so your conversations should still sound decent even when you need to step outside. Beats Flex will automatically pause when you snap the magnetic buds together. Beats is promising up to 12 hours of listening time on a charge. Eventually, the Beats Flex will be available in four colors: black, blue, gray and yellow. The black and yellow variants are available for pre-order today and will ship October 21st. Blue and gray color schemes are expected to debut in early Apple is no longer shipping iPhones with a set of wired Lightning buds in the box, so as a consolation, the company and its audio-focused subsidiary are offering a low-cost alternative.

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Apple warns against putting an iPhone 12 too close to your pacemaker. Latest in Gear. Image credit: Beats. Sponsored Links.

beats flex review microphone

Gallery: Beats Flex 8 Photos 8. In this article: beatsbeats flexflexheadphonesearbudsneckbudsappleioswirelesswireless earbudsiphonenewsgearentertainment. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Facebook inexplicably logs out iPhone users. Sony may resurrect the Xperia Compact line for small phone fans.

From around the web.As recently asone could argue that most true wireless in-ear designs were beyond the budgets of many music-loving commuters. However, a less fancy neckband design offered a wallet-friendly and still sort of wireless solution. As competition and manufacture intensified and improved, though, true wireless earphones with wireless charging became a reality for about the same price as a round of drinks for your household bubble. So why, inhas Apple decided to buck the true wireless trend by releasing the Beats Flex, an affordable wireless neckband design under its Beats subsidiary brand?

Consider that the iPhone giant has stopped bundling free headphones with its new devices and things become clearer. You can still buy a set of budget Lightning wired buds from Apple, but for anyone concerned with their smartphone sound, one rung up now brings you neatly towards the Beats Flex. The Beats Flex comes with four eartip options, which is a good thing since the pre-fitted pair is too big for our ears. An unusual and smaller double-tip option suits, but the tips are on the larger side in general.

There is some minor noise from the cable as it pulls, too. One useful feature is a set of magnets in the Beats-branded top surfaces of the earbud housings, which are strong enough to find each other when you remove them from your ears. Voila, the whole set-up instantly becomes a secure necklace. Overall, the Beats Flex have a satisfyingly fuss-free build and finish.

These earbuds are essentially an evolution of the neckband-style Beats X from They have also been reworked for better sound quality and improved mic performance. The control centre on the left side has an easily accessible volume switch push the upper end to increase, the lower edge to decrease and a little button on the inside which can be tapped once to play and pause music, twice to skip tracks and three times to skip backwards.

Long-pressing it accesses Siri. During calls, we find the built-in mic clear and call-handling a breeze. As you might expect from an Apple product, using them with an iOS device has its perks.

Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black

Turn the Beats Flex on and bring them close to your Apple device and you get quick pairing functionality, for example. Android users have to pair either manually via Bluetooth or by downloading the Beats app for Android, which offers quick pairing access, firmware updates and battery level information.Just keep them away from water; after all, they lack an official IP rating.

However, these have been discontinued and replaced with the Beats Flex so you're probably better off just picking those up.

The BeatsX are different: these speak confidently, with a minimalist design featuring sleek, uninterrupted lines. Purchasing the BeatsX affords listeners four pairs of ear tips, an array of secure-fit wing tips, a softshell carrying case, and a lightning charging cable. Especially since even the new AirPods Pro still charge via lightning. Connecting the BeatsX cables is a Flex-Form cable, which is comfortable to wear and handles moisture well.

Cheap, sure, but surprisingly good. A discreet power button inlaid in the end of the neckband maintains the low-key aesthetic, while still being functional. The same can be said for the in-line mic and remote, which sports a prototypical layout and allows for virtual assistant access, be it Siri or Google Assistant. To my glee, the volume controls are also compatible with Android devices. Found descending from the BeatsX right earbud is an in-line mic and remote, allowing basic playback control and virtual assistant access.

Ergonomics—a word that might as well have its own department in Home Depot—are excellent and can be attributed to the angled earbud nozzles and varied ear and wing tips.

Beats Flex review: an ideal EarPods replacement

Additionally, the earbud housings are magnetized. In all fairness, though, there are plenty of popular exercise-oriented neckbuds available. Apple includes wireless charging capabilities by default with its AirPods Pro noise canceling true wireless earbuds. If you want a top-notch true wireless option with cutting edge technology, look into the Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds.

Fortunately, a full charge cycle takes just under an hour, which is about half the time of most wireless earbuds. And five minutes of charging provides two hours of playback when the battery is low. With Fast Fuel, you can give the BeatsX an extra two hours of playback from just five minutes of charging when the battery is low. Form before function, I suppose. Just like the AirPods, simply powering these on near an iOS device will activate a pop-up on your phone or tablet prompting you to connect.

It allows you to take full advantage of that delicious W1 chip and AAC Bluetooth codec compatibility. The BeatsX can connect to two devices simultaneously and alternate between the two. That said, connection strength and stability is excellent when listening from various Android and Windows devices. I did, however, experience short-lived spotty connectivity when walking around my local park.

Generally speaking, the BeatsX reproduces a fairly bass-heavy sound but also place quite a bit of emphasis on midrange frequencies. For the most part, this can be seen as a good thing, because it counteracts vocal masking.

Relative to the PowerBeats3, the low-end emphasis could be considered subdued. Isolation is fine. If you want to improve it, make sure to invest in a pair of memory foam ear tips.

Beats Flex earbuds offer 12 hours of listening for just $50

Doing so attenuates external noise by creating a more cogent seal. The masking is even more apparent when Bad Bunny jumps in for the second verse.

Midway through the solo, the hi-hats re-enter and resonate between 3. The subsequent reverb from the harmonics are difficult to hear above the solo and groovy synth noises. The BeatsX microphone may struggle to accurately relay lower voices but sounds pretty good with female voices. The microphone performs exceptionally well in noisy environments.

Beats Flex review

With construction just 50 meters away, the BeatsX attenuated background noise with ease. Not to mention that I was also surrounded by multiple voices in windy Atlanta. The chart above shows that the mic struggles to accurately relay lower voices, usually male.A dependable product that doesn't really stand out from the competition. The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams.

The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews.

Visually, the main difference is the company moved the on-board controls from the cable that attaches to the left bud down to the thin pod on the end of the neckband. That band that rests on your collar is where the Flex gets its name.

The Flex has longer battery life than the BeatsX as well, but the overall sound quality is not great. Beats says this cable makes the Flex easy to coil up for storage. All the cables on these earbuds are flat, even the two more pliable ones that attach to the earbuds themselves.

beats flex review microphone

The neckband portion kind of stays put, but those long, rounded rectangles make curling or winding awkward. The extra length either flares out from your face or hugs your jawline depending on which way you spin the earbud to put it in your ear. I understand Beats is aiming for universal fit for millions of potential users here, but for me, this created a pretty weird look I never got used to. Inside near the front edge is a single circular multi-function button. Even when you have to double- or triple-press, the Flex receives each command without issue.

Also on the left side is the microphone for calls, just above the multi-function button. And on the bottom ridge is the USB-C port for charging. It holds the power button on the bottom ridge -- exactly opposite the USB jack. The button also has a multi-color LED that lets you know when the Flex is charging, connected or in pairing mode.

Perhaps the most notable design element is the magnetic earbuds. The back of the buds will snap together when they dangle down from your neck. And the audio will resume on its own when you pull them apart. Most of the time when you take them out and drop them down to your chest, they tend to find each other on their own -- at least that was the case for me.

In the early days, Beats headphones were notorious for massive, booming -- but almost painfully overbearing -- bass tuning. The company has opted for a more even-handed approach as of late, and the Flex continues that trend. Ditto for appropriately recreating the kick drum or drum machine from your favorite artists. Sure, these are meant to have general appeal, and the tuning is certainly more middle of the road. The lack of appropriately boomy bass at times also impacts kick drums from metal bands like Gojira, sucking a ton of energy out of the songs.

Sometimes you can hear ample boom, others it can get lost from one song to the next. Artists like The Appleseed Cast that usually layer textures of drums, guitars, synths and more lack that carefully constructed spatial component on the Flex.

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The Flex has better clarity and more range to its tuning. Instead, the company includes everything right inside the Settings menu on iPhone and iPad. That message will also tell you the current battery level for the earbuds and allows you to connect to that phone or tablet quickly when you need to do so in the future. The company says the generic icon will be replaced in a pending iOS update.In your ears or around your neck, Beats Flex are as versatile as the life you lead.

The Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with durable Nitinol construction while four eartip options offer a personalized fit. Less charging. More flexing. Beats Flex boasts up to 12 hours of listening time for all-day use.

If you need a little extra power, minute Fast Fuel charging gives 1. Beats Flex employs a dual-chamber acoustic design and a proprietary layered driver to achieve outstanding stereo separation with rich and precise bass response.

beats flex review microphone

Laser cut micro-venting provides ear pressure relief, and the optimized driver angle ensures clear, crisp sound. An advanced digital processor fine-tunes your audio for an accurate and emotive listening experience. The result — rich, powerful sound that keeps you inspired all day long. Stay connected no matter where your day takes you. An advanced built-in microphone helps reduce wind noise for elevated voice clarity and call performance.

On-device controls allow you to adjust volume as well as manage music, take calls, or activate voice assistant. Simply power on and hold near your iPhone or iPad. Simply bring the second set of compatible Bluetooth headphones near your Apple device and connect with a tap. Custom acoustic platform delivers premium sound with accurate bass and low distortion. On-device controls for volume, track and call controls located on the left side of neckband housing.

Total listening time was up to 12 hours. Testing consisted of full Beats Flex battery discharge while playing audio until Beats Flex stopped playback. Battery life depends on device settings, environment, usage, and many other factors. Works with iPhone 8 or later and iPod touch 7th generation with the latest version of iOS; and Browse all. Shop by Product. Shop by Category. Check Out with Apple Pay. Add to Bag. Need some help?

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Contact us. Opens in a new window. Product Information. Flex all day In your ears or around your neck, Beats Flex are as versatile as the life you lead. Built-in microphone with wind reduction for elevated voice clarity.So dropping a pair of pocket — and wallet — friendly fifty quid wireless earphones feels completely out of character. We're well into the next episode. The Flex look almost identical to the X — basic buds minus the secure-fit ear hooks found on a pair of PowerBeats.

A super-elastic metal alloy mix of nickel and titanium, called Nitinol, gives the Flex a jelly-like form. So rather than the cable flopping about all over the place whipping unsuspecting passers by, the Flex have bouncebackability credit: Iain Dowie and always maintain their shape.

beats flex review microphone

A shame, but then neither were the more expensive X, so if you want workout earphones perhaps consider the Powerbeats range. The Flex are available in four colours — Beats Black and this rather ravey Yuzu Yellow now, grey and blue arriving early next year.

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Beats says a new proprietary acoustic platform offers accurate bass and precision across all frequencies more on that belowwhile the drivers measure 8. Laser cut micro-venting and the off-centre angle of the buds is said to offer ear pressure relief and aid audio delivery.

Factor in a Fast Fuel minute charge for 1.

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Full Flex functionality is plug, play and all part of the package on most Apple devices, and that includes SBC and ACC support for high-end sound quality. Hands down.

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A dose of digital processing is there to fine-tune the frequencies and provide enough audio separation. Everything just feels a bit, well, flat.

You feel shortchanged on all frequencies and the experience is a complete departure from what came before. The design is clever, the materials miraculous, and the price tag palatable. Deviate from the script, however, and holes begin to appear. Beats by Dre. Beats Flex. Beats Flex review Beats goes affordable, but are the Flex a bonafide bargain? Design: I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Features: All-day flexing. Performance: Lacking metal. Verdict: Flex for a nifty fifty.

Stuff says Beats Flex review So close to being brilliant, the Flex still represent fifty quid well spent. Good Stuff. Bad Stuff. Subscribe to the magazine.This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy.

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. Learn more. The Beats Flex are quite clearly a pair of budget earbuds.

Budget buds do make sense, however, considering that Apple no longer bundles in a free pair of headphones inside the box with its new iPhones. These are very much for the casual listener on the hunt for a cheap — and decent — EarPods replacement. Both Beats Flex and Beats X look extremely similar, with the two earbuds connected via a long cord, intended to snake around the back of your neck.

One advantage of the cable being made out of nickel and titanium is that it aligns around your neck, maintaining its elasticated curved shape. This means that the volume controls, the large battery unit and the multi-feature button sit neatly on your chest. Thanks to that battery unit, the Beats Flex last a whole 12 hours before needing another charge. The earbuds also provide a nice 1. The major issue with the Beats Flex is the fit. This pauses any music playing, but also saves battery life.

One thing we really enjoyed was Beats Flex use of micro-venting, which helped to relieve ear pressure from the suction in the ear canal. Once we found our ideal fit, the beauty of the micro-venting emerged, especially when we were wearing these for extended periods of time. As for the sound quality? As with many of the budget headphones on the market right now, the highs and lows are brilliant, but the mids not so much.

That said, all this should be couched in that we should really be comparing these to the EarPods. And in that respect, the sound quality is a huge improvement. Overall, the Beats Flex are decent. The real star of the show is that impressive battery life, and if you need a new pair of headphones now that the EarPods are no longer included in the box, then the Beats Flex are a solid choice.

The Beats Flex are available in four different colours — black and a garish Yuzu Yellow for now, while Apple has announced that blue and grey Beats Flex will be arriving early next year. The WIRED World in is an unmissable briefing on the ideas, trends, technologies, people and companies that will shape the coming year.

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